Kevin S Associate PhotographerKevin joined our team in November 2022.

Hey There! I’m Kevin 😊

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I came to the Twin Cities for schooling back in 2011 and fell in love with it! So much so, I haven’t moved back.

I’ve been an avid photographer my entire life. From taking beginner classes at the YMCA back when I was in my very early teens, using very basic point and shoot cameras for family holidays, all the way up to taking AP photography in high school. In AP photography, we used manual, black and white film cameras, developing our own photos in a dark room. One of my personal favorite experiences in my life photography related.

Without a professional camera, I used my cellphone over the years to capture moments of friends and family, but I knew that it just wasn’t cutting it. Granted the photos I took were good, they weren’t “great” in a sense of quality and what I wanted to truly capture.

Early in 2022, I purchased my first professional camera and have been hooked ever since. Learning the ins/outs of my gear to capture the very best moments for friends, family, and clients has turned into a much greater passion than I anticipated. It truly brings me joy seeing the reaction on my client’s faces when they see the photos from an event. Knowing they’ll cherish those photos for a long time, brings me true joy.

A bit more about me –

I’ve been a music lover my entire life, so I’ve recently been broadening my horizons and shooting concerts which has proven incredibly difficult but so rewarding at the same time. Each of these different elements of photography in my life have helped mold me into the photographer I am today.

I describe my photography style as fun and lighthearted. Trying to capture the genuine smiles and laughs during all of my events, but detailed and emotional when necessary. I love shooting everything!

My Wife and I have been married a little over 5 years and have a 2-year-old golden retriever, Dunkin, who’s our pride and joy. Thankfully he’s never shy about being on camera.

My aim with DelphianBlue is to help capture the very best moments during any event to cherish for a lifetime!

Looking forward to seeing you at your next event!


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