Nikki-Studio Delphianblue Wedding and Events PhotographerNikki joined our team as an Independent Contracted Photographer in November 2017.  She started out her wedding photography career in Las Vegas, before moving to the Twin Cities in 2016.

“My passion comes out in my work. I am dedicated and always ready to capture the right moments. I feel the best memories are in the moments of engaging with family and friends. Capturing some of these greatest moments are precious and I value that as a photographer.

I have the ability to capture moments in time and have a gift with my skills as a photographer. I not only do the portrait shots, but I also provide and take a photojournalistic approach to my weddings and capture the “it” moments. The moments in making the dream of the day. The moments to capture a story involved inside the imagery. They say a picture says 1000 words. That is 100% true and I bring that with my style of photographing.”

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